International Airline

A Success Story

We worked with a major international airline to help understand how it should bring together its booking and checkout systems

The Problem

With a legacy payments infrastructure that was distributed across the organisation. there was no single view of how effective and cost efficient the selling channels were. Following a decision to bring these all together under a new payments team, a strategic review of payments in the business was undertaken. Existing systems were aging, split across multiple parts of the organisation, and with no clear strategy or understanding of the cost or value. Their ambition was to offer multiple new ways of paying, enhance their digital proposition and provide real accountability for what was a critical part of their business processes.

The Solution

We did an assessment of their current state, and advised on a how their complexity could be addressed. By providing a holistic view of how payments systems were aligned with selling channels the airline was able to see the need for organisational re-design and uncovered opportunities to optimise and reduce their costs.

The Results

The outcome was a project to redesign their systems as a strategic initiative. A team was hired to manage design and build activity, with Asplin Consultants giving design assurance for vendor selection and approach.

In addition, having identified a series of poorly understood payment failures Asplin’s consultant worked with a cross-functional team to protect a significant revenue stream and resolve a long-running operational problem across multiple front-end systems.

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