About Us

Business, change & tech strategy consultancy

We’re a small niche consultancy, interested in targeted, focussed, and discreet pieces of work. Giving you an objective outside view of the problems you may face. We back up your strategic decision making, providing the tools, techniques and options analysis to help you make these decisions.

So what is a niche consultancy?

We’re a company that tailors the work to your needs and doesn’t overwhelm you with things you don’t need or want. We like to build an open personal relationship, and to be thought of as your trusted advisors.
Our niche is the ability to translate your business strategy into credible executable plans. Part of that is the technology, part the people. And the clear, clean way this is communicated and presented back to you.

We pride ourselves on being honest, even if that means we step aside and you follow a different path. But we believe that you’ve come to a company like us for honesty and to be challenged, so we believe we’re the right partner for you.



What can we do for you?

We think in terms of the business capabilities that you need to deliver to make your proposition work. Using this model we can give you ways to objectively judge where investment is necessary, or where improvements can be made to your strategic goals.

Our services include, options analysis for portfolio & investment planning, facilitation of digital design discussions and due diligence for M&A work

More about us

Your lead consultant will be Tim Reynolds, who has over 25 years of experience in internet technologies, working in organisations from day-one start-ups to publicly listed global organisations.

Whilst interested in all aspects of how digital channels are used to reach your customers, Tim has a wealth of specialist experience with e-commerce, retail payments acquiring and merchant systems. These domains require a broad understanding of business operations in a highly regulated environment, as well as detailed knowledge of how to design & build highly resilient and scalable solutions.

With a keen interest in visualisations and simple communication of complex systems, we enjoy looking at the whole picture and distilling it into the dimensions that best support your strategic decision making. Embedding these views into your development organisation, we hope to use our knowledge of agile methodologies and dynamic engineering teams to unlock higher productivity and greater engagement with your goals.

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