Pan-European Payments

A Success Story

We worked with a European payments company bringing together several major divisions and re-organising around a new target operating model

The Problem

Having acquired multiple businesses in payments and value added services, the technology estate, was fragmented, and overly complex. With no overall view of their architecture, or mapping to business capabilities, the change portfolio planning was reactive and siloed. Faced with an overwhelming cost of change, consolidation of systems and removal of cost was a priority, whilst still delivering innovative customer value.

The Solution

Through intensive engagement with management, product and technology teams across multiple regional sites a complete picture of the technology landscape was delivered. This then enabled systems to be identified in terms of their ownership and development models, the business capabilities they enabled and the customer value streams to which they contributed.

The Results

As the organisation moved to a new Value-Stream based operating model, systems ownership has become clearer, allowing for opportunities to be identified and future budgeting to be more focused. In addition, as the Product & Engineering organisation moved to start using the Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe 5.0®) Asplin’s consultant worked extensively with the Cross-Stream Architecture function to build a service proposition suited to the needs of the wider team.

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